Purchasing Guidelines

The City of Round Rock’s Purchasing Division is responsible for the procurement of all supplies, materials, equipment and services.¬† The Purchasing Division’s major objectives are to:

  • Streamline and clarify all procurement related laws and statues that govern the City.
  • Provide public confidence, transparency and trust in the procurement process.
  • Ensure fair and equitable treatment of everyone who partners with the City of Round Rock through the procurement process.
  • Provide increased economy in Round Rock’s procurement activities and¬†maximize the purchasing value of public funds obtained in a cost-effective and responsive manner to better serve the City’s citizens.
  • Foster effective public fair and open competition with professional, ethical and moral conduct.
  • Safeguard the integrity of allocated funding with the proper legal disposition of funds.
  • Ensure all procurements are statutorily and appropriately compliant, and provide the best value for the City of Round Rock.
  • Ensure consistency in all procurement practices within the City of Round Rock.

Revised 03/01/22: City of Round Rock Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Procurement Process Overview

Requesting Assistance in Purchasing

When you have a purchasing question, need help with specification development, collecting quotes, identifying vendors, assistance with a requisition, or any other purchasing questions, please contact a member of your purchasing team :


Adam Gagnon (512) 218-5456

Allen Reich – (512) 218-6682
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Amanda Crowell – (512) 218-5458
General Services

Please continue to contact Margie Howard – (512) 218-7069 for Procurement card issues or Munis training and Marilyn Jackson – (512) 218-5459 for contract administration issues.