Safety Committee

The City of Round Rock’s Safety Committee is an inter-departmental team under the supervision of the City’s Risk Manager. Its mission is to review safety policies, safety manuals, loss runs and accident reports to determine if there is a safer way to conduct the business of the City.  The Committee is also responsible for disseminating new safety policies and programs to departments.

The Safety Committee meets quarterly.

2017 Safety Committee Members:

Michael Bennett, Human Resources

Kevin Vaughn, Human Resources

Michael White, Utilities and Environmental Services

Mark Hurd, Utilities and Environmental Services

Ricci Strayhorn, Parks and Recreation

Scott Parker, General Services

Rolando Rodriquez, General Services

Pam Keltgen, General Services

Robert Reza, Library

Clay Ericson, Transportation

Tim Ahearn, Sports Center

Tara Ambrose, Administration

Vickie Morales, Planning and Development Services

Omesh Pertob, Information Technology