Performance Management

Performance Management Policy:


The City of Round Rock will provide a uniform and equitable process of communicating to employees the performance expectations, their actual achievements, and recommendations for improving performance.  Performance Management Processes are critical because employees need to know areas in which they are having success as well as areas where they should improve to meet performance standards and/or career enhancement goals.


It is the duty of each employee to maintain high standards of productivity, cooperation, efficiency and economy in his/her work for the City.  Supervisors shall organize and direct the work of their departments/divisions to achieve these objectives.  Employees are obligated to follow directions given by their supervisors to achieve departmental/division goals and objectives.


If work habits, behavior, production or personal conduct of an employee falls below appropriate standards, supervisors should point out the deficiencies at the time they are observed.  Counseling and warning the employee in sufficient time for improvement shall customarily precede formal actions as stated in other policies.


Regular stats employee’s performance will be evaluated twice a year, in April and September.  The review conducted at the end of the appraisal period will serve as the basis for pay for performance when affordable.  In order to be eligible for pay for performance, an employee must be hired by April 1 of the current fiscal year.


Temporary employees hired for a period of less than six (6) months are not required to be evaluated.



Performance Management Resources:


Policy and Procedure Manual:


Employee Performance Evaluations – Supervisor Reference:


Employee Performance Evaluations – Employee Reference: