Innovations Committee

ideas that rock 2

Have you implemented a rockin’ idea? Do you know a City employee or department who has completed a project that has improved our community?

Fill out an Innovations Award Application or contact a member of our team!


Our mission is to bring resources together that create amazing results and cultivate cooperative relationships that drive excellence. We will work relentlessly to meet our commitment to recognize and award those who save the City time and money, enhance morale and performance, improve safety and enhance community-related development. 


Our vision is to discover creative ideas through citywide collaboration to recognize innovation, growth, and shared success.

Values: Ideas that Rock!

  • People RockThrough cooperation and collaboration, we commit to honor and support the innovator in everyone who works for the City
  • Opportunities RockWe see opportunities as inroads to profitability and future growth. We embrace opportunity with optimism and enthusiasm
  • Technologies Rock: We celebrate the power of technology to improve services and transform lives. We recognize those who use technology creatively and ethically
  • Services RockWe embrace the efforts of those who daily serve as everyday heroes to our internal and external customers.
  • Savings RockWe honor fiscal responsibility and recognize contributions that positively impact our bottom line 
  • Solutions Rock: We seek those who deliver results in new and improved ways

So what’s an “innovation?”

An “innovation” is any significant work or community-related development that is fresh, creative, or inventive.  It represents the implementation of an idea that is new or improved to Round Rock that results in an improvement in one or more of the following ways:

  • Saves time
  • Improves services to customers
  • Saves money
  • Improves morale
  • Improves performance
  • Improves safety
  • Improves the community

Levels of Innovation Recognition

  1. Commendation/Certificate of Merit: A commendation letter will be placed in each member’s personnel file, and recipients will also receive a mini-rock replica and award certificate
  2. Quarterly Award: A quarterly award of 4 hours administrative leave will be given to all team members involved the conceptualization and/or implementation of the qualifying idea
  3. Annual Rock Award: An annual award will be chosen and awarded by the Innovations Committee


2019 Innovations Committee Members:

Stacey Ybarra, Administration

Sara Bustilloz, Communications and Marketing

Heather Showels, Finance

Tammy Samandan, Fire

Tristen Adams, General Services

Lisa Pierce-Jones, Human Resources

Jillian Arthur, Information Technology

Jason Vasche, Library

Michael Chau, Parks and Recreation

Katherine Price, Planning and Development Services

Nicholas Olivier, Police

Jose (JC) Montelongo, Transportation

Luis Vences, Utilities and Environmental Services


Don’t see your department listed and would like to get involved? Contact Lisa Pierce-Jones to inquire about joining the Innovations Committee!


Past Winners

Rock Award winners

  • 2004: Parks and Rec – the TAAF Video program
  • 2005: Police and Public Works — low-crossing gates
  • 2006: Interdepartmental — New Employee Orientation program
  • 2007: Police — School Resource Officers teaching at Round Rock High School
  • 2008: Utilities — Prechlorinated pipe-bursting
  • 2009: Planning — Development Review Committee
  • 2010: Fire — Heavy Rescue Truck Conversion
  • 2011: Library – RFID and Self-Check out
  • 2012: Parks and Rec – Play for All Abilities Park
  • 2013: Fire – Wildland Response Team
  • 2014: Fire – Computer Aid Dispatch
  • 2015: Utilities – Metering Fire Hydrant Flushing
  • 2016: Human Resources – RockCare Clinic
  • 2017: Planning – Love the Rock
  • 2018:  Parks & Recreation – Pop-Up Play Day