UPS Shipping Instructions

The City has upgraded UPS Shipping to online UPS CampusShip. If your department has a shipping requirement, please contact one of the CampusShip users below.

UPS CampusShip Administrator: Margie Howard 512-218-7069


Please provide the following information when requesting to ship:

  • Who is requesting the shipment?
  • ORG Code to charge the shipment.
  • Contact for Delivery.
  • Address for Delivery.
  • Weight of Letter or Package.
  • Package dimensions: L x H x W.
  • Would you like to receive an email notification when your package is delivered?
  • When does the package need to arrive? No need to pay extra if Transit Days is listed as 1 Day.


UPS US Ground Map when shipping from Round Rock

as of May 01, 2020