Grants Compliance

Grant Pursuit and Application

Prior to pursuing a grant, departments should read the Grant Acquisition, Management, and Compliance Policy to understand its pre-award and post-award responsibilities.  Prior to applying for a grant, the following forms need to be turned into the Grants Compliance Team for approval:

Additionally, appropriate authorization is required to submit a grant application:

  • Grants up to $50,000 require City Manager approval;
  • Grants over $50,000 requires City Council approval.

Thresholds are consistent with the City’s purchasing guidelines.

For assistance with the Grant File Checklist or the Intent to Apply for Grant Funding Form, contact the _Grants Compliance Team which consists of Lisa Haines – Accounting Manager, Debra Doss – Accounting Technician, and Becca Thibodaux – Accounting Supervisor.


NEW Changes to the City’s Grant Acquisition, Management & Compliance Policy effective 9/23/19:

Section 6.1.22 – Added to reflect a Federal requirement to document Cash management and payment. CFR Section §200.305(b)

Section 6.1.23 – Added to reflect a Federal requirement to document Allowability of costs.  CFR Section §200.403



Grant Application Process Flowchart

Reimbursement Requests

Unless otherwise determined by Finance, the Grants Compliance Team will be responsible for submitting and tracking reimbursement requests.

Financial Reporting

Unless otherwise determined by Finance, the Grants Compliance Team will be responsible for preparing and submitting required financial reports for the grant, with cooperation of the department managing the grant.

Federal Requirements for Procurement

Effective 10/1/2018, Federal regulations require the following for every procurement action equal to or above $250,000:

  • Documentation of an independent estimate BEFORE (1) receiving bids or proposals (see 2CFR 200.324) or BEFORE (2) receiving quotes or proposals from other governmental entities through an interlocal contract or a purchasing cooperative (see 2CFR 200.318(e)). Access form from following link:
  • Documentation of a cost analysis or price analysis performed AFTER seeking bids, proposals or quotes for goods and/or services to be acquired, including construction costs. Access form from following link:

The purpose of these forms is to show that the offered price is fair and reasonable.

For assistance with completion of these forms, contact Cheryl Kaufman – Purchasing Supervisor or David Carter – Purchasing Manager.

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