Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable area is responsible for the payment of invoices to all City vendors. Our goal is to ensure that all vendors are paid promptly and accurately.

In an effort to provide a more efficient means of processing payments, we are exploring the options available through electronic, ACH payments. If your area is interested in this type of payment, please contact the Accounting Supervisor at 512-218-5443.

If you have any questions regarding the status of an invoice or payment, you may contact us at 512-218-5431 or 512-218-5469 or email

All invoices are to be mailed directly to: 

City of Round Rock

Attn: Accounts Payable Department

221 East Main Street

Round Rock, Texas 78664


Are you having vendor payment issues?

Some common scenarios arising in payment issues for goods received:

  • Your vendor sends an invoice before you receive the goods.
    • City of Round Rock cannot legally pay for services yet to be received.
    • No check will be issued until the purchaser has confirmed in ePro the goods were received.
  • Partial receipt of goods requires a partial payment.
    • The city is only obligated to pay for goods which have been received by the department purchaser.
    • Vendors who send invoices for the full amount of a purchase which has not fully arrived, will not be paid until the invoice reflects only the items received.

If a Vendor is requesting direct deposit, please have them fill the Vendor Direct Deposit Form.


I have received my goods and/or services. Now what? 

Notify your department Munis requisitioner and they will turn in the proper paperwork.

Munis Requisitioner: Turn in the final invoice to AP, stamped with the PO Receiving Stamp and all fields filled out.


How long with it take for a vendor to get paid?

Payments will be made within 30 days after the City:

  • receives the supplies, materials, or equipment
  • the day on which the performance of services was completed
  • or the day on which the City receives a correct invoice for the supplies, materials, equipment or services

Whichever is the later.

The Contractor may charge a late fee (fee shall not be greater than that which is permitted by Texas law) for payments not made in accordance with this prompt payment policy.

Note: This policy does not apply to payments made by the City in the event:

  • There is a dispute between City and Contractor about the transaction.
  • There is a restriction on the funds the City may use to pay for services rendered/supplies
  • There is a dispute between contractor and subcontractor/ and or/ subcontractor and supplier.
  • Invoice is not mailed to the City in accordance with the instructions outlined on the P.O. or any legal agreement.

The City of Round Rock’s prompt payment policy can be found here.


The Vendor is asking for a Credit Check. What should I supply them with?

The City has its own document of credit information and does not support vendor supplied applications. Please utilize the following form if the vendor asks for credit information.

Credit Application Information