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Travel Program

The Finance Department has established travel standards and procedures concerning authorized travel expenses for travel conducted on behalf of and for the benefit of the City of Round Rock. The Travel Manual will provide guidance to travelers, travel coordinators and approvers regarding the City’s travel procedures while defining comprehensive processes.

To find your Department’s travel coordinator or to see a list of current travel coordinators, please click here.

Travel Procedures Manual

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List of Travel Forms

Where do I start if needing to travel?
Please contact your department travel coordinator and have them complete a Travel Authorization and Per Diem Request Form. This Form must be signed by the individual needing Per Diem, their supervisor, and the Department Director. This form must be completed and turned in 2 weeks prior to the travel date.  Checks for Per Diem are given to the individual on the Friday prior to their departure by physical check or Direct Deposit.

What should be done if I need to travel out of state?
All out of state travel must be approved by the City Manager or Assistant City Manager prior to any arrangements being made.  Please contact your department’s travel coordinator and have them complete the out of state travel request form. The form must be sent to Administration at least 60 days prior to travel.

How will I get paid for Per Diem or Travel Reimbursements?
Employees can choose to pick up a check at Accounts Payable or may select to have the funds directly deposited. The below agreement gives authorization for the deposit to take place. Once the form has been submitted, information will remain on file. If changes are needed, a new form will need to be submitted.

Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form

I have returned from my travel. Now what?
Your department travel coordinator is responsible for completing your travel close out form. Please give a copy of all travel receipts to your travel coordinator upon your return. You can be reimbursed for eligible out of pocket expenses with approval from your supervisor. The Form must be submitted within 10 days of your return.

Can I submit mileage for other work related travel while on the clock?
With supervisor approval, an employee may submit a mileage reimbursement request for work-related travel to Accounts Payable. Please attach appropriate documentation (print off of driving directions from MapQuest or Google) with your approved request form. This form is not applicable to conferences or training that require over-night travel. Please see your department travel coordinator.

Mileage Request Form