Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is a voluntary benefit and is administered by Petplan.  If you enroll with pet insurance, you will be billed directly by Petplan, since there is no payroll deduction for this benefit.

Why you need pet insurance: according to Petplan, each year, 1 in 3 pets require unexpected veterinary care.  Petplan helps you pay veterinary bills for injuries and illnesses so you never have to compromise on your pet’s care.

What’s included: Petplan offers the most comprehensive coverage in one simple plan.

  1. Exam fees covered: Petplan covers the complete sick visit, exam fees included, saving you $50-$250 per pet visit.
  2. Full mouth dental coverage: Petplan covers dental injury and disease to all teeth, with no broad condition exclusions.
  3. No age limits: Petplan enrolls pets of all ages and covers them for life.
  4. Holistic care included: acupuncture, chiropractic care, laser therapy, homeopathic medicine and more covered at no extra cost.

Cost: for a free instant quote, visit Petplan’s website.  As a City of Round Rock employee, be sure to enter the code ROCKPET after your listed quote for a 10% discount.

Additional information:  visit Petplan’s website for more information about dog insurance and cat insurance.