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Parks and Rec makes good showing at Maintenance Rodeo

Simon Montemayor and Rodney Hall
Simon Montemayor and Rodney Hall received first place in Irrigation at the Maintenance Rodeo in San Marcos

The Parks and Recreation Operations Team led by Captain Ken Goldwire represented PARD loud and proud at the Texas Recreation and Parks Society Region 5 & 7 Maintenance Rodeo in San Marcos, Texas.  The team received first place in the Irrigation category and second place in the Truck and Trailer category. The group competed hard and was battling for the coveted team trophy until the end.

And the winners are:

  • Simon Montemayor and Rodney Hall – 1st Place in Irrigation
  • Steve Noeth and Jerry Valdovinos – 2nd Place in Truck and Trailer

Other members of the operations team who participated:

  • Baltazar Ramirez – Backpack Blower
  • Manuel Corona – Out front and Zero turn mower
  • Ken Rogers – Backhoe
  • Hugo Ortiz – Plant ID
  • Ron Ayala – Nail Driving

The two teams that placed will represent the City at the State Rodeo in March.