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General Plan receives Innovations Award

On Dec. 14, the Innovations Team presented an Innovations Award to the Places & Spaces: General Plan 2020 team. The General Plan offers a sound comprehensive strategy for tackling Round Rock’s growth challenges head on. The plan also coordinates with the Round Rock Strategic Plan, something not often seen in Planning documents.


As a long-range planning and community development document, the General Plan will have an affect on the City’s development for the next several years. Public input was integral to its development. The team used phone surveys and public focus group meetings to get as much community input into the plan as possible.


Team members are:



    • Susan Brennan


    • Diane Buck


    • David Buzzell


    • Veronica Chandler


    • Rick Clark


    • John Dean


    • Alysha Girad


    • Danny Halden


    • Kerstin Harding


    • Lee Heckman


    • Tracy Herring


    • Emsud Horozovic


    • Taylor Horton


    • Joelle Jordan


    • Ashley Lumpkin


    • Kim Lutz


    • Aneil Naik


    • Vickie Moreno


    • Clyde Von Rosenberg


    • Michael Thane


    • Christine Valdovino


    • Terrell Wilkey


    • Rick White


    • Brad Wiseman


  • Jessica Woods

Innovations Award
The Innovations Award recognizes City employees who have implemented any project that is fresh, creative or inventive and that saves time, saves money, improves morale, performance, safety, service to customers or the community.


If you have a project you’d like to be considered for the award, contact Shannon McIntire at x15407 or one of the Innovations Team members.