A message from City Manager Laurie Hadley

Last week Round Rock experienced the largest natural disaster in recent history. I am so thankful that not only did we not have any loss of life in the community, but there were no significant […]

How to notify IT of phishing attempts and suspicious emails

Do You Know What To Do When You Receive a Suspicious Email? “Phishing” is an attempt to trick unsuspecting users into providing potentially valuable information or security access. The IT Department has several prevention tools in place, […]

RockCare main entrance closed — here’s how to access the building

Effective Monday, January 24, 2022, RockCare will need to be accessed off of Brentwood Drive. Please note that coming from Brentwood Drive will be the only way to access the clinic due to the RM 620 road […]

Airrosti Presents – Learn How to Relieve Workout-Related Pain
Free Educational Seminar

Learn How to Relieve Workout-Related Pain   Whether it’s a stiff muscle or sore joint, workout-related pain can slow you down and leave you discouraged. Fortunately, many causes of workout-related pain can be fixed or improved […]

United Healthcare Employee Meetings – Wednesday, April 6

United Healthcare will be available to meet with employees individually for 2022 medical and pharmacy benefits for the following – Have questions about your  UnitedHealthcare medical benefits? Have questions about your UnitedHealthcare pharmacy benefits? Want […]