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RockCare: Walk-Ins Suspended, Virtual Visits Available

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, the 7:00-7:45 a.m. and 1:00-1:45 p.m. walk-in hours at RockCare will be suspended until further notice.  Walk-ins at RockCare for on-the-job injuries will continue as normal.

Please note: RockCare will remain open.

At this time, all scheduling for appointments at RockCare must be scheduled through CareATC’s scheduling line (800-993-8244).  Scheduling through CareATC’s mobile app and patient portal have been suspended until further notice.

Additionally, RockCare now has virtual visits available which will enable CareATC physicians to provide quality care and triage acute illness without exposing others to potential spread of infection.  The only appointments that will be completed via virtual care will be those participants displaying signs of COVID; i.e. temp 100.4, traveled outside of the US, shortness of breath, respiratory issues etc.

Effective Friday, April 10 and until further notice, all appointments at RockCare on Fridays with our provider Crystal Cisneros will be held virtually.  Please call the CareATC scheduling line at 800-993-8244 to schedule your virtual appointment.  A customer service representative from CareATC will answer your call and assist you in setting up your virtual appointment.  A reminder that scheduling appointments at RockCare through the CareATC mobile app and online patient portal is still unavailable at this time.  Our Medical Assistants Symone and Tim at RockCare will be available at the clinic on Fridays for lab draws and drug screenings.

Otherwise, RockCare will continue to see previously scheduled appointments in the clinic.  CareATC will be working to schedule chronic appointments in the morning and acute appointments in the afternoon to ensure effective cleaning.  RockCare staff will be calling the acute appointments and screening them prior to their arrival to the clinic to ensure they are not experiencing potential COVID symptoms.  Please reference these flyers (English) (Spanish) for more information.

We have provided a flyer on social distancing to help keep us all safe.  Please share with your family and friends.