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Apply now to the Leadership Development Program

Human Resources is excited to launch a new leadership development program designed for City of Round Rock management.

What will I learn by participating in this program?

Participants in the leadership development program will:

  • Develop skills and knowledge related to leadership while enhancing existing strengths.
  • Gain greater self-awareness through a variety of assessments and learning activities designed to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement as a leader.
  • Learn a variety of approaches to coaching, developing, and engaging others.
  • Enhance emotional intelligence skills and abilities – a key ingredient for leadership success.
  • Gain exposure to different leadership styles and approaches.
  • Discover a new model for leading change.
  • Enhance verbal and written communications.
  • Increase strategic, critical, and creative thinking skills.

Who is eligible to apply?

Full-time City of Round Rock employees currently serving in management or supervisory positions. Applicants must be employed with the City for at least one year as of May 3, 2021.

How long is the program and when does it start?

LDP I is a six-month development program that begins May 2021 and concludes with graduation mid-November.

What is the process for applying to the program?

Candidates will submit an online application, which includes attaching a letter of interest and current resume. The application period is April 23 through May 3.

How much time will be required?

Over the course of the six-month program, participants can expect to spend roughly 100 hours in actual classes, team meetings, and presentations. Additional time investment will be required for reading and writing assignments, pre-class assessments, and self-directed learning research.





  • April 9, 2021

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