Rock Beats

A message from City Manager Laurie Hadley

Last week Round Rock experienced the largest natural disaster in recent history. I am so thankful that not only did we not have any loss of life in the community, but there were no significant injuries as well. Preliminary data shows the storm and tornado impacted 680 structures, with 13 homes being completely destroyed. The total calculated damage at this point is well over $30 million. All this destruction occurred in a matter of minutes.

For many last week is a blur. We went into “get it done” mode and did everything from making sure folks were safe in the seconds and minutes after the storm to assisting in removing debris from people’s property. Serving the community, especially in times of need is what we do. Last week, in my opinion, we did a lot of good for the community.

My words can’t capture what I saw, but the comments from those affected can come close. A resident in Windy Park sent this along this morning…

It’s surprising all the people that come out to help out when destruction happens. First responders were on the scene within minutes checking houses and turning off the gas to avoid further problems. Police were stationed along the main arteries to keep nosy people out and that was a big help all around.

People with chainsaws showed up soon after and helped clear driveways and roadways. Other folks came by just to help move debris out of the way. It wasn’t long before it looked like ‘organized destruction’ and not chaos. 

This past Saturday, Central Texas Refuse sent a lot of trucks to pick up brush and piles of debris. Helping were kids from a youth rugby league and Round Rock’s police cadet class. I also saw other companies out and about helping clear the place up.

Our location (Zephyr and Whirlwind – don’t you just love those names!!) wasn’t the worst hit, but just looking at the mess that was created, I could only imagine how bad it was in other areas.

There’s still a ways to go, but there is definitely sunshine at the end of this storm.

Please give our thanks and gratitude to everyone that helped out.”

It makes my heart happy to read these types of messages. There are many others with similar feelings who are in a better spot today than they were Monday night of last week.

Thank you for being the “sunshine at the end of the storm” for our community!



  • March 30, 2022

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