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September 2014 EAP Newsletters

eap_newsletters_400Deer Oaks EAP Services, the City’s Employee Assistance Plan provider, provides monthly newsletters with helpful resources for employees. Here are the September 2014 issues.

September 2014 EAP Employee Newsletter (PDF)

  • Care giving and the workplace
  • Exercise Addiction
  •  The thinking process and stress
  • The Sandwich Generation – caring for aging parents and raising a child
  • What’s in your Consumer Credit Report
  • And more…

September 2014 EAP Supervisor Newsletter (PDF)

  • Quiz staff the right way
  • Maximize productivity
  • EAP Q&A


Here’s a tip: Limit screen time for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines discourage any screen time for children less than 2 years of age. For older children, the AAP recommends no more than 2 hours daily. Keep media devices out of children’s bedrooms, keep family routines such as mealtime screenfree, and set TV-free days for the whole family.