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Enroll in your benefits through Oct. 31
Employees must complete a Health Risk Assessment and attend an information session in order to be eligible to complete benefits enrollment


The City’s open enrollment period for employees to select their health benefits coverage will run from Oct. 1 to midnight on Oct. 31. During Open Enrollment, employees can make changes to their benefit plans.

Please note that to be eligible for health coverage in 2017 you must complete a Health Risk Assessment. If you have not yet completed this assessment, please call 866-959-9355 as soon as possible to make an appointment at the Rock Care clinic.

Employees will once again enroll online. Even if you have no changes, you must complete the Open Enrollment process via Employee Self-Service. Employees can access this portal from their office or from any outside computer.


Employees electing not to have their medical coverage from the City should contact Human Resources about waiving coverage.

Aetna remains the City’s provider for medical, dental and vision coverage. New in 2017 is an optional plan, the Aetna Whole Health-Seton plan. This is a narrower network, however most major services are covered at 90% and the deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums are much less than the current Aetna Choice Plan. There is no out of network coverage with the Aetna Whole Health-Seton plan.  Dental and vision coverage have no changes.

Due to dramatic increases in prescription claims costs, employee contributions will increase on the current Aetna Choice Plan. The Aetna Whole Health-Seton plan rates will be the same as they currently are for the current Aetna Choice Plan.

Employee plan costs are outlined in the 2017 Benefits Guide.

Informational meetings in October

Human Resources will be conducting informational meetings around the City throughout October to review changes to the City’s coverage and answer questions.

“There are major changes to our benefits structure next year and I strongly encourage everyone to attend one of these meetings,” says Jay Light, Benefits Manager. “We want employees to be informed when making their coverage decisions.”

The informational meetings will also provide extremely helpful resources for employees.


“The most important thing to remember is that everyone has to enroll in October,” Jay says. “After midnight on Oct. 31, the City’s hands are tied. We won’t be able to get you coverage.”

These presentations are a chance to find out about the changes to our benefits plan and ask questions to provider representatives before completing your enrollment. Representatives from Aetna, Seton Health Alliance, Nationwide and others will be present to explain their programs and answer questions.

  • September 30, 2016

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