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New IT support system now live

The Information Technology Department has launched a newly designed support site for City of Round Rock employees.

City employees can submit requests for IT assistance by visiting or emailing

Here are just a few reasons why we think you’ll love the new system:

Accessing the support site is easy and readily available — anywhere, anytime will be available to employees on or off the City’s network, and IT staff will have a mobile app for providing support in the field. The site is even mobile-friendly for submitting tickets through your phone.

Customer surveys allow users to give feedback
For the first time, the IT Department send out surveys as part of the process of closing out a ticket. This provides helpful feedback to staff about how well your specific issue was resolved.

The knowledge base provides a one-stop shop for technology handbooks
City of Round Rock’s first-ever technology knowledge base will provide a common place that offers information and training about technologies being utilized in the City. The knowledge base will provide articles that walk City staff through software they are unfamiliar with or help troubleshoot issues they may be having. The platform is capable of dynamically presenting article suggestions as the user types a search or begins entering a support request.

Reporting metrics helps IT staff set — and meet — their goals
Reporting capabilities will give insight into key performance indicators such as time to resolution, time to first response, tickets re-opened, or tickets resolved without escalation. These metrics will help the IT Department in their mission to provide great customer support.

Integrations and automations make life easier for everyone
The new platform offers features like integrations with other systems and automations for managing tickets and sending notifications. This will enable IT staff to be more efficient in how they manage support requests.


We hope you enjoy the new system! We are excited for to continue Round Rock’s growth as a technology driven organization.

  • August 22, 2018

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