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Kudos to Utilities and Transportation staff this weekend
Citizen praises City workers during Hurricane Harvey

Thank you to all employees who have worked so hard and diligently this weekend. There are still efforts ongoing in our City to recover from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. The letter below from an affected resident was received Sunday, Aug. 27 by Mayor Morgan and City Council. The resident thanked our Drainage Operations Division, under the Transportation Department, for their quick response time and efficiency. We strive to provide the best customer service to our residents and your efforts count.
“Dear City of Round Rock,
    I am not certain to whom I should submit this, but Saturday night we had a tree from city property land on on fence, crushing our fence and obstructing the backyard area.  I called Sunday morning and expected to get a phone tree and to leave a message.  Instead I got a person (Kyle) who was as concerned about my issue as I was. I gave him the information and expected to make the lost of non-essential, non-life threatening emergency issues that would be addressed in due time. Given what is currently on the news, to be expected.
    Within thirty minutes, I got a knock on my door. Kyle and his crew were there to remove the tree- safely, without impeding any areas, and did so in twenty minutes.  They also trimmed a downed tree that had fallen on our street the day before.
    To say I was blown away by start to finish by these guys is an understatement.  My issue was a concern to me, but given this weekends situation, perhaps not something that would be a priority.  Your team made it one.  I have lived and worked in multiple major metropolitan areas all my life and developed a certain level of expectations based on this.  To say your crew reset the bar does not do them justice.
    I hope this makes it to the very top of Round Rock city management because these gentlemen took a thankless job and not only exceeded expectations, created a top to bottom experience I will share with neighbors, friends, and business associates, including my business peers and teams, for years to come.
    Thank you,
    Geoff Holle”