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Innovations Team recognizes multiple projects

GIS and Wastewater receive the Innovations Award for their collaboration on the Wastewater Redline Mapping project: (frome left) Steve Byrd, Chris Collier, Marisa Flores-Gonzalez, Malcolm Brown and Rich Reedy. Not pictured: Richard Medrano.

The Innovations Team has presented multiple Innovations Awards for successful projects in the last few months.

Redline Mapping
In March, the Team presented the award to GIS and Wastewater for their collaboration on the Wastewater Redline Mapping project. Correct and accurate mapping has always been a challenge for the Wastewater division. Most changes were hand written on hard copy maps. It was a very inefficient process.

With the new process, staff can update and correct maps electronically with GIS technology. The corrections can be made out in the field and updated in real time. The new maps are easy to read and staff can see the updates as they are made. The process has drastically cut down the turnaround time for map corrections.

Downtown Zoning
In February, the Team presented the Innovations Award to Planning and Development Services staff members who helped implement new mixed-used zoning districts in downtown Round Rock. The districts will help fulfill many of the recommendations of the Downtown Master Plan and will encourage the creation of a neighborhood where residents can live, work and play in a pedestrian-friendly environment.

The new zoning allows flexibility to property owners and benefits residents.

Facebook Scavenger Hunt
The Team presented the Innovations Award to Communications and IT staff members for the Facebook Scavenger Hunt that took place in April of last year. The hunt used Facebook to promote the “Shop the Rock” campaign and encourage residents to visit local businesses. The result was an increase in both foot traffic and Facebook hits for businesses and fun prizes for participants. Recipients were Kristin Brown, Shannon McIntire, Brooks Bennett and Will Hampton.

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