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Defensive Driving Classes

All newly hired employees expected to drive for work two times a week or more, and every employee involved in an at fault accident, are required to take the City’s defensive driving course within 30 days of employment/date of accident.  Uniformed PD and FD employees are excluded.  In the past you have been able to sign up employees in MUNIS or through the link on the risk management webpage. However, we have moved the sign-up location to the Round Rock Learning Platform.


  1. Go the EmployeeNet and click “Training” under Human Resources.
  2. Click on “Access the Round Rock Learning Platform”
  3. Go to “HR Training” in the far right hand column
  4. Select “Drive Safely: Someone is Counting on You.  The City’s Defensive Driving Program”.
  5. Select date and enroll.


The class will still be taught on the last Thursday of each month at 9:00 in the HR Training room.