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Danny Halden recognized for CMP replacement project

An employee who came up with an innovative plan to save money and headache while improving City infrastructure was recently recognized for his efforts.

City Engineer Danny Halden of Utilities and Environmental Services received an Innovations Awards for the corrugated metal pip (CMP) culvert liner replacement project.

Normally, the method used to repair CMP culverts is to remove them and replace with concrete culverts; however, this process involves closing roads for an extended period of time. Danny came up with the innovative idea to use a concrete liner to repair the culverts in place. The liner was applied by spraying it onto the CMP and allowing it to dry and harden in place, forming a solid concrete pipe.

“This project saved time by completing the culvert replacement in place and with a small team and improved services to customers by allowing minimal disruption to the roadway during the repair,” said Innovations Team President Preston Kessinger. “It was cheaper than replacing the entire culvert, which saved money, improved safety by protecting the culvert and road from future erosion, and helped the community by providing an improved infrastructure at a value.”

Congratulations, Danny!