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Customer Service Awareness Day 2013

Individual Award Winners from Customer Service Day

The Customer Service Team presented Customer Service Week last week and it was a big success. The week featured training sessions and concluded with Customer Service Awareness Day at Centennial Plaza. We had a great turnout at our new location. | See and download photos from the week

On hand were Mayor Alan McGraw and Councilmembers Craig Morgan, Joe Clifford, Carlos Salinas, John Moman and Kris Whitfield and City Manager Steve Norwood. Mayor McGraw and Councilmember Morgan spoke about the importance of customer service. City Manager Norwood revealed that in a recent survey, Round Rock scored an 85 percent satisfaction rate for customer service with our citizens. “That’s almost unheard of,” he said.

Customer Service Awareness Day featured breakfast tacos, games, a Brag Wall and the Customer Service Award ceremony.

During the week, the Customer Service Team presented three training sessions attended by more than 200 employees. The sessions were:

  • First Impressions by Kevin Karschnik of iSpeak
  • FISH! Philosophy by the Customer Service Team
  • Help Ticket Know How by the IT department

Recognizing achievement
Once again, the Customer Service Team recognized individuals and departments for their great customer service. Individual awards were presented from each department and a department/division award was voted on by all City employees. This year, the Team introduced an Overall Individual Award voted on by all City employees. Also, the Innovations Team presented its annual Award of Merit for innovative projects.

Fire Department receives Innovations Award of MeritInnovations Award of Merit (Rock Award)
To encourage and foster new methods to be productive, the Innovations Team has developed the citywide Innovations Award program. Submissions are accepted and recognized throughout the year. Recipients of the Innovations Award are considered for the annual Award of Merit or the “Rock” award. The winning department keeps the Rock for one year and then passes it on to the next winner.

The 2013 Award of Merit goes to The Fire Department for its Wildland Response Team. (Pictured right: Lt. Johnny Davidson and Captain Jason Rutherford with Steve Norwood and Fire Chief David Coatney.)

The Wildland Response Team was developed after the wild fires that devastated areas of Central Texas a few years ago. The Fire Department decided to form the Round Rock Wildland Response Team to quickly respond to both local and state declared wildfires. Members are specifically trained on all aspects of wildland fire support. With this team, Round Rock has become a leader in the community and was recognized at the state level for its proactive approach. Twenty-six Round Rock firefighters have been certified as wildland firefighters. | See pictures



Department/Division Award
IT receives the Department AwardCity employees voted online for the Outstanding Customer Service by a Department or Division Award in September.

Outstanding Customer Service by a Department or Division: Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is often the unsung hero of customer service.  Without the IT Department, staff wouldn’t have the tools needed to provide great customer service. IT supports the infrastructure necessary to support all customers, internal and external. In short, the Information Technology Department is the supporting structure of our customer service. | See pictures



Cynthia Mouser with Steve Norwood

Overall Individual Award
This year saw the introduction of a new award: the Overall Individual Award. City staff were invited to submit the names of a staff member from anywhere in the City they thought provided great customer service. The winner was: Cynthia Mouser.

Cynthia Mouser, who works at the front desk in City Hall, is synonymous with great customer service. She is the “face” of Round Rock. She is often the first person citizens encounter when contacting the City, whether by phone or in person. Her loyalty, professionalism, and smile are only outweighed by the fantastic, consistent, customer service she provides day-in and day-out.  We are fortunate to have Cynthia represent our City and grateful for the services she provides. | See pictures



Individual customer service awards
A highlight of the day came with the presentation of the individual awards to acknowledge great customer service from each department. These awards have become very popular. Each department picked an individual who exemplified great customer service in their area. Here are the winners for Outstanding Customer Service by an Individual from each of the participating departments. Winners are pictured with Mayor McGraw and Councilmembers Clifford, Moman, Whitfield and Morgan.

Administration — Meagan Spinks
Meagan is always friendly, approachable, and ready to tackle any project or task that is sent her way. She has a great relationship with all city departments and is known as a “go to” person for answers. When interacting with citizens, she is professional and patient. She makes us all look good!




General Services — Pete Dominguez
Since becoming facilities manager, Pete has made great Customer Service a mission that has affected every department in the city. He strives to take care of problems quickly. His knowledge of City buildings helps to keep our City up and running. Pete never backs off from a problem and he always finds a way to get the job done.





Finance — Sherri Crone
Sherri is a pleasure to work with, always providing help with a smile.  She provides excellent support for her staff and has been instrumental in implementing the new Munis system. You can go to her with any question and she will find the answer. Sherri is very knowledgeable about the Finance department.





Fire — Charles Meserole
Charles is a true gentleman who is always willing and ready to give a helping hand to anyone. He is very good at what he does and is extremely patient. He explains what he needs and the process. He is quick to get information for you, locate resources, and knows the rules. He is an outstanding team member.





Information Technology — Paul Brent
Paul is always ready and willing to help co-workers and City employees with issues they’re having. Paul doesn’t just help —  he teaches.  He takes the time out of his day to explain the problem and help employees help themselves.






Human Resources — Delores Brisco
Delores always greets you with a smile. She keeps everyone well informed and goes the extra mile in providing information to external and internal customers.  She is called upon to do many things that are outside her scope and she does them with a genuine willingness to help. She takes pride in making HR shine.




Library — Mary Martinez
Mary is an extremely hard worker. She strives to be efficient and respectful of others, especially regarding the workload she leaves for her fellow workers. She consistently and faithfully executes all her frontline duties. She is reliable and has a great work ethic.




Municipal Court — Joann Lopez
Joann goes above and beyond to help the defendants in Municipal Court. She is always so friendly and patient to both internal and external customers. She always has a smile on her face. Joann is sunshine everyday and a pleasure to work with.




Planning and Development Services — Kamie Fitzgerald
Kamie has a positive attitude and a splendid demeanor when it comes to customer service. She is willing to go above and beyond for residents, developers, and her fellow employees, and always does so without complaint. She is a shining star in the Planning and Development Services department.





Parks and Recreation — Steve Noeth
Steve is willing to do whatever it takes to help the Customer. He always has a smile and is willing to come in early and stay late. He is a prime example of what customer service is all about.







Police — Joseph Claypool
Joseph is the Police Department’s primary connection to the City’s neighborhoods and Home Owners Associations, representing the department exceptionally well in this capacity by providing wonderful customer service to our citizens, and setting a great example for others to follow. He is always friendly and genuinely cares for everyone he meets. The City of Round Rock could have no better representative than Officer Claypool.




Transportation — Mike Ackerman
Mike provides great customer service without needing a lot of fanfare.








Utilities and Environmental Services — Sharon Parker
Sharon is friendly and outgoing — a friend and mentor. She is a reason to love working for the City of Round Rock. She has excellent customer service skills, which she makes apparent everyday.







Utility Billing — Cindy Rodriguez

Cindy is a very hard working person and always willing to help internal and external customers. She is very friendly and you can count on her for anything.  Her daily interactions with customers set a fantastic example for us all to aspire to.





Customer Service Team 2013