Rock Beats

Congratulations to City of Round Rock Interns
Eight interns complete summer program

From left to right back row
Grayson Roberts (Utilities and Environmental Services), Samuel Millslagle (Finance), Gabrielle Siegel (Library), and
Colby Fitzgerald (Fire – EMS).
From left to right front row
Megan Brabham (Communication and Marketing), Hannah Keith (Finance), Stacey Pfefferkorn (Planning and Development Services) and Raeanna Herrera (Human Resources).

Eight interns completed their twelve week learning engagement, between May and September, on Friday, August 4. These interns were placed in departments such as Finance, Utilities and Environmental Services, Library, Emergency Management, Communications and Marketing, Human Resources, and Planning. Each intern completed assigned duties as well as overarching projects that contributed to the Cities operations such as 2018 Budget, customer service, developing surveys for citizen engagement, data management, emergency preparedness and marketing campaigns.

The City of Round Rock Intern Program incorporates strength finders, goal setting and professional development through the Human Resources Department. Next year Human Resources wishes to grow the intern group to 15 participants.

Contact Lisa Pierce-Jones/Melissa King for more information about the Intern Program.