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Utilities receives water conservation awards

The City of Round Rock recently received two awards at the Texas Water Conference, the largest water conference in Texas, in Galveston in April. The awards honored the Utilities and Environmental Services Department for excellence in conservation and communication efforts.


Utiltiies and Environmental Services Director Michael Thane and Water Conservation Program Coordinator Jessica Woods (center) receive the Blue Legacy Award at the Texas Water Conference from Brent Locke (left) of Texas Section AWWA and Jerry Stevens of AWWA.

Blue Legacy Award
The City’s rain barrel sales event in October received the Municipal Blue Legacy Award, which recognizes the importance of conservation in meeting future water demand.  Rain barrels allow easy rainwater harvesting and this water can be used for lawns and gardens. Rain barrels also reduce storm water runoff.

The City partnered with Rain Water Innovations to provide rain barrels to customers at a discount.  The event was a huge success. Round Rock residents purchased 398 50-gallon barrels. These barrels could potentially capture 19,900 gallons of water every time it rains.

The cost of event was minimal and Utilities staff had another event in April. Interest continues to be strong.






Jessica Woods and Michael Thane receive the Watermark Award

Watermark Award
The Utilities and Environmental Services Department’s Water Wise instructional video series, done in collaboration with the Communications Department, received the Watermark Award for excellent communication to customers.

The Water Wise series with Jessica Woods, water conservation program coordinator, educates viewers about simple fixes that can improve irrigation systems. The videos run on the City’s cable channel and are available on the City’s YouTube channel. They are also posted on the City’s website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

“I’m very proud of the Water Conservation Program,” says Jessica. “It’s received wonderful support both internally and from our residents. The program will continue to expand and offer more ways for our residents to use water efficiently.”




Volunteers at the October rainbarrel sale: (l to r) Eli Woods, Jessica Woods, David Morales, Owen Woods, Kim Lutz, Nathanial Eder and Chisolm Cardwell. (Not pictured: Tracy Herring)

About the awards
The Blue Legacy Award encourages programs that reinforce a commitment of conservation and stewardship of water resources in Texas.

The Watermark Award for communications excellence recognizes Texas Section American Water Works Association and Water Environment Association of Texas members who have produced top quality communications.