Rock Beats

Severe weather brings tough challenges

The first week of February saw temperatures drop well below freezing and stay there for several days. The severe weather caused power outages, rolling blackouts, icy roads and frozen water pipes. City crews did a wonderful job responding to the situation.

With power usage at peak levels during the freezing weather, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) asked those participating in its voluntary energy use reduction program to cut back on their power use. Round Rock’s water treatment plant went into action and cut its electricity use. Furthermore, the time frame of 25 hours for the state-wide event set a new record in Texas, and we were only obligated to participate for 8 hours. Our employees managed to save the required energy for the entire event!

City crews used 300 tons of sand and 500 gallons of liquid deicer on City roads to help avoid accidents from icy conditions.

The service center staff had 202 ice-related calls. Sharon Parker, Bonnie Cordova, Kelli Timmerman, Gabrielle Blair, and Patricia Da Silva handled all the calls and dispatching.

Many Public Works staff members went above and beyond to help out when City offices were closed due to the weather and on the weekend. Below is a list of staff members from Public Works who helped out when City offices were closed.

Mike Ackerman
Jimmy Albers
Joe Aleman
Carlos Amaro
Gabe Apodaca
Alan Atwater
Kevin Bartley
Joe Bingham
Scott Blakely
Martin Camacho
Joe Camarda
Raymond Canseco
Bill Carr
Carlos Casas
Magic Chambers
Steve Clark
Ryan Connolly
Carlos Cortez
John Cox
Carl Crow
Ronney Crutchfield
Alberto DelaTorre
Felipe DeLaTorre
Jesse Desha
Tony Dove
Mark Edwards
Clay Ericson
Matt Fitzgerald
Ben Franco
Buddy Franklin
Alan Gardner
Pete Gomez
Rey Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez
Matt Gonzalez
Robert Gracia
Justin Gross
Joel Guerra
Carlos Guinea
Raymond Herrera
Gene Hubert
Mark Hurd
Ronnie Jean
Robert Jett
Joel Jimenez
Curtis Jones
Richard Joubert
Eric Juarez
Keith Kaderka
Todd  Keltgen
David Kolman
Kevin Lindig
David Logan
Hector Martinez
Ronny Maynard
David Morales
Jose Morales
Alan Moreno
Josh Naylor
Daniel Ochoa
Lynn Ogea
Jesus Olague
Frank Orona
Scott Parker
Robert Peters
Brandon Pritchett
Aaron Ramirez
Luis Ramirez
Barth Reid
Jordan Rendon
Phillip Reyes
Marshall Reynolds
Rolando Rodriguez
Alfredo Rubalcava
Ignacio Ruiz
Jarett Rutherford
Rudy Salazar
Roy Saldana
Cayetano Saldivar
Abel Saldivar
Gilberto Sarinana
Yosheka Shephard
Kirk Sholars
Christopher Spencer
Jake Stutes
Irma Suchil
Mickey Swatsell
Lonnie Syma
Cam Tate
Santo Vela
Luis Vences
David Walther

Thank you to all our City staff for their efforts during this severe weather.