Rock Beats

Pop Up Play Days receives annual Rock Award at City Council
Parks and Recreation employees receive awards for their "Ideas that Rock!"

Employees from the Parks and Recreation Department received the coveted annual Rock Award at the Dec. 6 City Council meeting for creating a fun new event to foster relationships between the City and residents.

Katie Baker, Emsud Horozovic, Roger Heaney, Michael Chau, Rachel Morris, Jenene Jefferies, Dawn Moonan, and Mary Hemenes were recognized for playing essential roles in Pop Up Play Day, which was a series of free events in neighborhood parks with a focus on a healthier and more active lifestyle. By leveraging partnerships and sponsorships, this program has united neighborhoods, fostered relationships between City departments and residents, and promoted nutrition and play as a mean of exercise. Local organizations host soccer, football, basketball and tennis clinics at the events, and City staff provide safety tips, story-time activities and community outreach.

The Pop Up Play Day Team organized four events this year, and each event has received rave reviews from neighbors, sponsors, partners and the event team itself. This event has provided a “feel good” atmosphere by fostering positive interactions between neighbors and City Departments such as Round Rock Police and Fire Departments, Community Engagement and the Library.

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