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Planning recieves Innovations Award

Susan Brennan, Kerstin Harding, Joelle Jordan, Vickie Moreno and Veronica Chandler helped implement a new electronic process for inspections reports in the historic building tax exemption program. The process saves about 100 hours of staff time and produces more accurate reports.

The Innovations Team presented an Innovations Award on July 10 to staff members from Planning and Development Services for their work in improving the inspection reports process for historic buildings tax exemption.

The partial tax exemption program for historically significant properties began in 1982. It encourages owners of historic properties to use money saved on taxes to provide regular maintenance and/or repair to their historic structures. Owners must apply every year and the property must be inspected.

Staff has made significant improvements to application processing and review in the last few years. Inspectors were using paper forms that had to be entered into a database by City staff. The new process allows inspectors to submit the forms electronically.

The electronic process saves staff time and improves the accuracy of the report. It also improves service to the property owners because now greater detail and even pictures can be included in the report.
About the Innovations Team
The Innovations Team works to encourage change and evolution within the City. The program fosters staff willingness to accept the unknown and look for new methods to be productive.

An “innovation” is a fresh or creative idea whose implementation saves time or money; improves service, safety, performance or morale; or benefits the community.

The Innovations Award program is designed to reward innovative programs throughout the City.

If you have an innovation you think should be recognized, contact Shannon McIntire to get an award application

Recipients of the Innovations Award are eligible to be considered for quarterly leave time awards.