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Pipe-bursting Team gets Innovations Award

On Thursday, March 6, the Innovations Team presented the Innovations Award to the team that handled the Utility Department’s water line replacement using a new prechlorinated pipe-bursting process.
The project replaced about 2 ½ miles of 6 and 8-inch diameter waterlines in the Greenlawn Place subdivision before Thanksgiving. The replacement project was one of the first of its kind done in Texas. This new method of pipe replacement allows the pipe to be replaced much faster and with less disruption to the neighborhood. Crews do not need to dig out the water line and the water does not need to be turned off in the area for extended periods of time. Residents do not have to be without water for as long. The estimated cost savings was about $387,000.
To learn more, check out the City Focus story on the project. 
Overall, the process improves service, increases efficiency, saves time and improves safety. Ultimately, it will save the City millions of dollars. 
The Innovations Award recognizes City employees who have implemented any project that is fresh, creative or inventive and that saves time, saves money, improves morale, performance, safety or services to customers. 
If you have a project you’d like to be considered for the award, contact one of the Innovations Team members.

  • Ric Bowden, Purchasing

  • David Freireich, Utilities

  • Joelle Jordan, Planning

  • Shannon McIntire, Communications

  • Daniel Saucedo, IT

  • Barbara Vance, Library