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November’s Everyday Heroes

This month, our Everyday Heroes are from Transportation Services and Utilities and Environmental Services.

We draw our Everyday Heroes from our Customer Service Week winners. Last month, we recognized our overall winner, Cynthia Mouser, the receptionist at City Hall. We take a lot of pride in Customer Service, and these folks are the best of the best!

Patty Da Silva, Transportation Administrative Associate

Patty is on the front lines in the department, meaning she is the first person most folks talk to when they call in to complain about traffic and/roads. It’s a tough gig, but one she handles with grace. Here’s what her fellow employees had to say about her:

  • Patty is the first person both our internal and external customers deal with on most occasions. There could not be a better face for our department in this regard.  Patty is always in the greatest of spirits and lifts up all those she deals with.
  • Patty assists the Traffic Operations group with the processing and proper handling of block party permits and keeps in contact with the customers who submitted the request to keep them fully in the loop on the status of their permits.
  • Patty has diffused many upset customers on several occasions and played a major role in helping us turn a difficult situation into one that was handled to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction.

Alan Moreno, Utility Crew Leader

When a water line breaks in the middle of the night, Alan’s the one in charge of getting
it fixed. While most of us are sleeping, Alan is busy making sure that when we wake up there’s water for coffee and everything is operational when we flush our toilets. We’re not sure which is more important … but we’re grateful Alan is there to get it handled either way.

  • He is very good at taking care of our residents and doing his job as the night shift Crew Leader.
  • I have many e- mails from customers about good customer service.

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  • December 9, 2015

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