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Mandatory Health Risk Assessments held July 25-29
Online scheduling is available July 5 through July 28

HRA It's time

To be covered under The City of Round Rock health care plan, employees and eligible dependents (age 18+) must now complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA). This assessment helps you as well as the provider understand your current health.

The HRA identifies potential health risks that Healthstat, through Rockcare can help you manage. This is a truly unique benefit to employees. Having an on-site clinic provides convenient access to the resources that are needed to be engaged in your health. The clinic offers the tools necessary to maintain your health, prevent further issues and to get you healthier. The cost of using the clinic is free for employees and dependents (age 5+) covered under our health plan and all health information is kept strictly confidential between you and Healthstat.

How do I complete the HRA?

It is very convenient. Healthstat staff will visit the departments (indicated below) and administer the HRAs on-site. Please note, location, date and time. You will also need to complete a Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire. Employees and dependents can go to any meeting that is the most convenient.

If you do not receive an HRA during these visits, you can schedule your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) at the Rockcare Clinic by calling 866-959-9355.

You will have your height, weight and blood pressure measured. They will also do a fasting blood draw. This means NO FOOD up to 8 HOURS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME. They measure total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and glucose. Please drink plenty of water, and take regular medications with water.

HRA Schedule

Follow the instructions below to login, complete your eHRA, and schedule your HRA appointment.

  • Log on to
    • Enter in the City’s ID number: 276. Your member ID is the last six digits of your social security number.
    • Follow the first link to Register, then complete the requested fields (a personal email address is required for each individual who registers)
      • The Member ID is the last 6 digits of the employee social security number.
      • Dependents should be coded using the last 6 digits of the employee’s SSN (xxxxxx) plus one of the suffix’ below:
      • For a Spouse: last six digits of employee SSN and add “-1”, Example: ”123456-1” (Do not forget dash)
      • For a Single dependent: last six digits of employee SSN and add “ -2”, Example: “123456-2” (Do not forget dash)
      • For Multi-dependent households, call 888-613-3036 to confirm the dependents’ suffix. (Do not forget dash)
    • Complete the eHRA. Afterwards, you will be able to access the HRA screening scheduler.
    • Select your HRA screening event, location, and appointment time.
    • Verify your appointment and confirmation (You will receive an email notification with the ability to cancel if needed).

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