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Library receives Innovations Award for Reference Desk

The Innovations Team presented Library staff members with an Innovations Award for their installation of a specially-designed, separate Reference Desk on the Library’s second floor. The Reference desk promotes the availability of reference assistance and allows customer inquiries to be answered with few interruptions.


Previously, Reference and Circulation were combined at one desk, making it hard address in-depth reference questions amid requests for immediate assistance with more routine requests. The desk encourages visitors to ask questions where in the past they might have been discouraged by the traffic and confusion at the merged desk. The result is improved service to customers and greater efficiency.


The Innovations Award went to Michelle Cervantes, Chris Sauder, Erikka Miller, Linda Sappenfield and Linda Clark for their work on developing the Reference desk. They received a certificate of achievement, a letter of recognition from City Manager Steve Norwood and 4 hours of administrative leave.


Good work, everyone!