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Innovations Award goes to Development Project Web Site

Ryan Beardmore, Krista Keneipp and Steve Byrd receive the Innovations Award for their work on the Development Projects Web Site.On Dec. 16, the Innovations Team presented the Innovations Award to Ryan Beardmore (left), Krista Keneipp, and Steve Byrd for their work on the Development Project Web Site.


The site uses existing GIS mapping software to provide information on City development projects. The web site’s data overlaps with that available from commercial software the City uses that cost $1,800 per license.

There are many people who need access to the information but don’t require all the functionality of the software. The site eliminates the need for additional licenses but still allows employees who need the information to access it. It makes the information available to more customers and will eliminate phone calls and repetitive inquiries. Team members received Certificates of Recognition and Letters of Commendation. They also each received a half day off for the first quarter of 2009. Congratulations!


The innovations group encourages the attitude and willingness to look for new methods to be productive.