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Customer Service Week: A message from City Manager Laurie Hadley

I recently had a chance to meet managers and leaders from cities across the country during a professional development training. As we shared our experiences, my sense of pride in the City of Round Rock and our employees was completely renewed. All cities have challenges, but something is happening here in Round Rock that truly sets us apart from the pack, thanks to the level of commitment and teamwork that you bring each and every day in serving your community. 

This year’s Customer Service Week features the theme “The Magic of Service.” The truth is that good service — the kind that our residents have come to expect from us — is magical. It can turn unhappy citizens into our biggest fans and advocates.  

It happens when a resident you spoke with sleeps better because they feel safe, or when you are able to help someone who thought they had run out of options. It lives in the look of excitement from a child who attended a Library summer program, or participated in a Parks and Recreation special event or Convention and Visitors Bureau athletic tournament. It happens when you facilitate the inner workings of our organization to help us meet our customers’ needs in an efficient manner. 

Our employees are the reason that we experience this kind of magic right here in Round Rock. Every day, you get things done with a positive attitude and work as a team to accomplish a common vision. Without teamwork, inside and across departments, we simply could not achieve the great feats that we do. 

As we begin a new fiscal year, I encourage you to acknowledge your fellow team members who lead by example, and challenge yourself to go the extra mile in making a difference for your colleagues and the public. In today’s increasingly polarized world, let’s continue to be a shining light of what can be accomplished when we work together. 

I am grateful for your hard work and honored to serve alongside you. 



Laurie Hadley, City Manager