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From the City Manager:

“I want you to know we are closely monitoring the situation and care greatly about your health and the health of the community. We have a great team in place and are keeping in daily contact with the health district and state health officials. This is a rapidly evolving, challenging issue. We will continue to share information on EmployeeNet as we receive it. Thanks for all you do for the community, we will get through this.”

– City Manager Laurie Hadley


Face coverings for individuals age 10 and older are required by City ordinance in public places in Round Rock when adequate social distancing is not possible. The ordinance also requires businesses to display a notice of the requirement. The City Council most recently readopted the ordinance at its Feb. 25 meeting, and voted April 8 to repeal the ordinance effective 11:59 p.m. Thursday, April 22.

View ordinance in effect through April 22

View ordinance to repeal


Gov. Abbott has issued multiple Executive Orders related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Below are resources available through the Governor’s office:


The City of Round Rock is working directly with local health districts, who are working in tandem with the Texas Department of State Health Services concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the implementation of necessary protocols related to City staffing, facilities and events.

The City of Round Rock continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and is making appropriate changes to business practices where necessary.

The City has a public webpage where we have a complete list of closures, reopenings and changes to business practices. VISIT WEB SITE >


The Texas Municipal Retirement System building is closed to visitors until further notice. If members need to speak to someone about their upcoming retirement, they are being asked to call 800-924-8677 to set up a telephone session with a Retirement Analyst between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday. For other general questions, TMRS call center staff can provide answers on the spot. Inquiries can also be sent via web form and will receive a response within 24 hours.


An emergency purchase occurs when a condition exists which creates an immediate and serious need for goods or services and due to the time constraints a normal competitive process cannot be conducted.

It is recommended that Department’s try to use their existing City supply contract or cooperative contract options if possible.

If using a contract is not an option the Departments are encouraged to obtain competitive quotes if there is time.

If obtaining competitive quotes is not possible due to time constraints, a Justification Form can be completed and submitted with a single vendor quote on a Munis Requisition to request a purchase order.

If the emergency purchase takes place after hours or on the weekend the Justification Form and vendor quote can be submitted by the Department on a Munis Requisition the next business day resulting in a purchase order that can be sent to the vendor for billing purposes.

The criteria to be selected when completing the Justification Form is “Public Health and Safety” exemption.

Download Justification Form [PDF]

If a temporary increase to an employee ProCard spending limit needs to be made for emergency purchasing purposes please contact the City’s ProCard Administrator, Margie Howard at- email: or by phone 512-218-7069.


Round Rock ISD has created a webpage dedicated to local school updates related to COVID-19. Learn more



RockCare appointments must be scheduled through CareATC’s scheduling line 800-993-8244. Scheduling through CareATC’s mobile app and patient portal have been suspended until further notice.

RockCare now has virtual visits available which will enable CareATC physicians to provide quality care and triage acute illness without exposing others to the potential spread of infection. The only appointments completed via virtual care will be those participants displaying signs of COVID-19 (i.e. temp 104, traveled outside of the US, shortness of breath, respiratory issues, etc.)

RockCare will continue to see previously scheduled appointments in the clinic. CareATC will be working to schedule chronic appointments in the morning and acute appointments in the afternoon to ensure effective cleaning. RockCare staff will be calling the acute appointments and screening them prior to their arrival to the clinic to ensure they are not experiencing potential COVID-19 symptoms.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, prevention, and education services for you and your dependents.  The EAP is provided to you at no cost by the City of Round Rock through Deer Oaks EAP Services. LEARN MORE >


The Aetna Teladoc service is also available to all employees and their dependents enrolled with City health plans.

AscensionConnect has established COVID-19 hotlines across the country. Available from 6 a.m. to midnight, the hotline is staffed by triage RNs who will respond to public questions and implement the most up-to-date screenings and protocols to guide patients to the most appropriate care setting, including staying home and/or virtual options. The Ascension Texas hotline phone number is 1-833-919-1680.


More information on COVID-19, including additional prevention tips, disease symptoms, what to do if you do fall ill, and answers to other frequently asked questions are available through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


Official leave policy given extended school closures

A.  Employees who have a need to stay home with their children will be able to apply for Expanded Emergency Family Leave. Please contact Tyler Jarl in Human Resources for assistance.

What’s being done about meetings with the public, including council meetings?

A. The City has implemented virtual public meetings.

What about meetings in the office?

A. Any necessary group meetings that cannot properly accommodate appropriate “social distancing” should be moved to our citywide video-conferencing platform, Microsoft Teams.

What do I do if I feel that I’ve been exposed?

A. Follow the CDC guidelines for “What To Do if You Are Sick “ and comply with RockCare information posted on EmployeeNet.

What are my best options for IT support during this time?

A. In support of recommended social distancing practices, IT has canceled walk-ins and are offering remote support only. IT will be available by phone or through the helpdesk. Please visit or contact 512-218-3211 to submit a support request.

Will we be limiting meeting size?

A. Any necessary group meetings that cannot properly accommodate appropriate “social distancing” should be moved to our citywide video-conferencing platform, Microsoft Teams. If you feel your work accommodations are not complying with guidelines, please email us.

Are there any employee travel restrictions?

A. City travel has been suspended until further notice. Personal travel will be up to the employee. However, notification to the City should be made regarding your travel plans.  Upon return, follow the CDC recommendations regarding self-isolation if applicable.

As a temporary employee/intern, I do not get any sick or personal or vacation time. Is there anything the City is doing that would help employees in my situation in the case that I have to self-quarantine or in case I am infected from the virus?

A. Temporary employees are not eligible for sick, personal or vacation time. Unfortunately, you would be placed on leave without pay if you were unable to report to work.


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